Lowering the human and financial cost of pain through patient engagement and analytics
The Cost of Pain
The current way pain is managed is inadequate – it costs US healthcare payers $300B annually and is the leading cause of disability
Difficult to measure
Current paper-based standards are biased by recency and recall
Inability to monitor
Progress cannot be assessed between clinical visits
Opioid dependencies
Tolerance and abuse are rampant and growing problems
The Manage My Pain Solution
Our pain management platform allows patients and healthcare professionals to better measure and manage pain and medications
What Our Users Say
Tens of thousands are already using (and loving) Manage My Pain, with 75% feeling more empowered after using it consistently.
Lucy C
January 2016
Finally diagnosed This app helped me immensely, with some symptoms I was having. I started keeping track in May 2015 and was diagnosed along with a battery of tests 1/28/2016. Thank you for creating this app and updating it. I recommend it highly to anyone with chronic pain.
Sarah W. Price
July 2016
A MUST HAVE for chronic pain patients! It does take a little time to input all of the necessary information, but it is well worth the time, energy and effort. Not only can I track my pain, but what triggers it, what makes it better, & even my history. I recently had my initial appointment with a new doctor and all I had to do was pull out this magic app and my entire (COMPLICATED) history was easily available & sped the entire process along. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

Two years later: still use it everyday XOXO
Timothy Chipman
May 2016

Great I love the idea being able to give my doctor feedback in details I always forget how I felt before my doctor's appointment and now I can give that information to the doctor. I already bought the upgrade I want to support people that write programs like this

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