About Us
Based in Toronto, Canada, ManagingLife was founded in 2012. We created the first pain management app for Android, and are now a leader in digital pain management solutions.
Meet Our Team
The smartest minds have come together to build the most powerful pain management platform for patients and healthcare professionals
Daria Chechulina
Lead Front-End Developer
.wrk Member
Konstantin Gusev
Lead Backend Developer
.wrk Member
Marat Galimzyanov
Lead Mobile Developer
Tahir Janmohamed, PEng, MBA
Founder & CEO
Ali Esensoy, PhD
Lead Analytics Adviser
Group Manager, Strategic Analytics, Cancer Care Ontario
Aliza Weinrib, PhD
Lead Pain Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist, University Health Network
Hance Clarke, MD
Lead Medical Adviser
Medical Director, Pain Services, Toronto General Hospital
Joel Katz, PhD
Lead Research Adviser
Canada Research Chair, Health Psychology, York University

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Ryerson DMZ
6th Floor, 10 Dundas St E,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M5B 2G9