The Manage My Pain Solution
Our platform helps patients and healthcare professionals to better measure and manage pain and medications
Patient Apps
Over 30,000 pain sufferers have used our Android or web apps to self-manage and become empowered
Daily Capture
Patients positively self-reflect on their day to capture pain and function
Minimal Burden
Simple sliders and checkboxes require only 60 seconds a day
Default values are based on validated questionnaires, but each section can be personalized
Patients better understand their pain through graphs and charts
Monitoring pain and reflecting on accomplishments improves outcomes
Patients can see how treatments are working (or not) over time

Clinical Reports
Healthcare professionals get quick and objective data to make more effective treatment decisions
Based on patient outcomes captured regularly as opposed to from memory
Single page is visual and designed to be skimmed within 30 seconds
All information informs treatment, including trends of pain and function

Monitoring Portal
Care teams and case managers assess progress remotely and get alerts when our advanced analytics detect someone at-risk
Remote Real-Time Access
Know progress at any time, without requiring a visit or calling the patient
Population Management
Quickly monitor all active patients to identify those at-risk or require follow-up
Alerts for At-Risk Patients
Predictive analytics flag at-risk patients with:
> Opioid-related side effects
> Severe pain flare-ups
> New indications of neuropathic pain
> Anxiety/depression symptoms
> Many others

What Makes Us Different?
Unique and Fast Method
60 sec, 10 questions captures pain and function
(current standard: 8 min; 48 questions)
People Use It
30k+ users, rating of 4.4 out of 5
(users from 130+ countries in 7 languages)
Large Dataset
950K+ patient-reported pain outcomes
(one of the world's largest)
Proprietary Alerts
Proactively flags at-risk patients
(first-of-a-kind predictive analytics)
Clinical Validation
Validation study underway across 4 sites
(fully-funded controlled trial)